Ambassador Program

Ambassadors for Linen & Elm are my exclusive spokes-models (marketing reps). Being a Brand Ambassador is as simple as sharing  your love for photography online with your friends and family!

It starts with your fun and unique ideas as well as on-location shots that are tailored to your family's unique personality. We want you to feel appreciated, and get the most out of the partnership as possible. Most of all, I want you to keep coming back and invite others to work with me! I love my clients and we love sharing the experience of our photo sessions with them and people they know.

Now is where you excel to help me, by telling all of your friends about how much fun and what your experience was like with Linen & Elm! I want you to encourage them to choose Linen & Elm Photography for their family, senior or wedding portraits. As you refer your friends; they’ll let us know you did!


  • Attend & share a minimum of 2 Brand Ambassador sessions throughout the year. I will host up to 4 free sessions (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) with 1 in the studio at Noir Studio Space in Lebanon, Ohio.
  • Tag @Linen.Elm as the photographer on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Invite at least 50 friends to like our Facebook and Instagram Pages. 
  • You must sign off on a Full Permissions Model Release for current and future use of your images in advertising and marketing for Linen & Elm Photography.
  • You must commit to working exclusively with Linen & Elm Photography from July of your acceptance year till the following July.
    • May not promote another professional photographer, even if the photos were taken for free. This includes any friends or family photography. 
    • The reason for this is it causes great confusion to your friends and family. They are not sure which photographer you are promoting to call for what services.
  • Must be willing and able to provide the studio with referrals. We can help with this! You don’t need to pressure your friends into anything, send us names on IG or Facebook and we’ll reach out for you.
  • Share your testimonial about your photo session! As an insider, you'll be able to share your feedback in our team workspace as I improve my offerings. 

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming an "Insider" at Linen & Elm! Please email me if you have any additional questions about this program!